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a festive approach to fitness



Inspired by the Caribbean carnival experience, Fete Fitness brings the excitement and revelry known by carnival goers to the dance floor.  Classes are packed with unique, high-intensity routines set to the latest hip-hop, pop, funk, trap music, soca, dancehall, afrobeat, and a host of other music you can’t help but move to!
Fete Fitness is designed for people at all dance and fitness levels.  Our classes will help you reach your health and fitness goals and allow you to dance your worries away.  Plus, you just might make a new friend or two!
If you're ready to commit to an hour of exercise that feels like fun, and not work, look no further!  Join us at Fete Fitness, and celebrate the journey to a healthier, happier you!  
What to expect


Fete Fitness Philosophy

Fete Fitness is a no judgement zone where you can feel free to just ‘be’.  In each class, the instructor will bring an unparalleled energy to the dance floor that motivates you to get moving!  The goal is for you to leave feeling better than you did when you walked in, so, bring your sneakers, and prepare to feel amazing!  

We promise to do our part to make sure you get the best workout possible.  The rest is up to you!  Each 60-minute session includes a combination of dance cardio and strength training to make you burn calories, fight fat, and sculpt a slimmer you.  Although numbers may feel important, they are not everything.  Celebrating non-scale victories is part of the Fete Fitness body positive philosophy.  We'll help you look good on the outside, and feel great on the inside!   


First Timer?

New to Fete Fitness?  Getting started is simple!  Visit our class schedule and location page, and when you’re ready, show up prepared to Fete!  Classes are incredibly affordable at just $10, making our program one you and your pockets can feel good about!  You won’t find a better way to an awesome day anywhere else in the area, so don't hesitate.  Give us a try! 

Nervous about your first class?  Don’t fret—anyone can Fete!  We're a supportive community that is open and welcome to all!  Whether you are a long-time Feteran or a newbie, you’ll be greeted by friendly faces and a team on deck ready to help you get through your first class.  You won’t get all the steps your first time, but that’s OK.  With the instructor’s easy to follow, step-by-step instruction, you’ll definitely have fun and break a sweat!  All we ask is that you don’t give up, try your best, and keep coming back.  After a few Fete sessions, you’ll be able to keep up with the best of them.



Founder & Lead Instructor

Meet Farrah—the Owner, Founder, and creative genius behind Fete Fitness!  Farrah is a native of Kingston, Jamaica and has been turning heads and capturing hearts on the dance floor since the tender age of three.  She spent many years formally training in ballet, tap, jazz, and other popular dance styles and always dreamed of one day opening her own studio. 

Farrah took a break from dance to earn degrees in nutrition and nursing that she used to help rehabilitate patients as a nurse in DC area hospitals, but her passion for dance never wavered.  She was introduced to a dance-inspired fitness class by a friend in 2009, and thus began her journey in dance fitness.  Over the course of her career as an instructor, and then as a co-owner at two Northern Virginia dance fitness companies, Farrah earned a reputation for her hard hitting, island influenced choreography, commitment to form and technique, and “tough love” approach to teaching that pushes students to maximize the enjoyment and results of their workout.

A Feather Tale
Feathers have an important significance in Farrah’s story.  There is no reward without risk, and you cannot fly if you never jump.  Fete Fitness is a young dancer’s dream realized and a story of faith trumping one’s fear of failing.  For everything that it is, and all that we hope it will become, the Fete Fitness program is inspired by the wind beneath Farrah’s wings—her lovely daughter and tiny dancer, Kaylee.  Life’s journey may not be a straight line, but if you remember to First Love Yourself, the feathers will always land where they're supposed to.  Thank you for supporting Fete Fitness, where birds of a feather FLY together!

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